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Joyn is a community that gather people from different cultures through a marketplace of events in São Paulo - and soon in other cities! ;)

Where locals and travellers meet!

Get in touch with people from different cultures!

Events to take you out from your comfort zone! 

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Who are the Joyners?

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Are you curious about all those crazy things in other cultures?

Are you fascinated about languages in the world?

Can't you wait for the next experience only life can give?

Do you enjoy meeting people completely different than you? 

Are you crazy for things you've never seen in this globe?

Can't you wait for the next travel you will do?

So, you're one of us!

be open for new things

see from a new perspective

break paradigms 

know yourself better

For strangers like you and me. Hi! :)

Go beyond your comfort zone and discover things you can't even imagine. 

Life is amazing! Everyone has something to teach us. Strangers are awesome! 

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Enjoy being a Joyner, meeting people from different cultures, practicing other languages, discovering new things and having fun!

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Joyn is a collaborative community that is made by all of us together. So write reviews, comments, invite new friends and give us feedback to make Joyn even better

Luigi —  Traveler & Developer 

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“Exchange thoughts. Connect with different cultures. Grow internally."

"A place where old memories are shared and new ones are created"

Jéssica —  People & Travel Lover

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World is our home |  2017 Joyn

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